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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Grinch.....

The Grinch who stole the 'U' in my summer (last post)

So short lecturer who kept postponing the second part of our final test didn't show up and now the results came in- coursework good; exams no show no mark!! I cant believe people in authority(school board) sometimes you actually think they'll use their brains to erm do something- like organise the test themselves all they have to do is get the question papers from the sex tourist aka 'sick'lecturer or give everyone some assignment to do to make it up. now i have to do this towards the end of summer before i can go to my final year Grrrrrrrr.

I just got an email with our final year project options; May God see us through!

Went to a friend's wedding in Manchester saturday was looking dapper-as usual in my suit, went to my school friend's graduation in Newcastle on monday. Im getting nervous now,i've got my eyes on two graduate schemes at the moment application starts october. fingers crossed!

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good luck

ps: Dami=Male and still a Gunner ;)

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  • At 10:15 am, Blogger יש (Yosh) said…


    btw, nice P.S.

  • At 3:19 pm, Blogger Idemili said…

    Dami, I don't know if anyone has told you but man, you always sound like you're a girl. You ALWAYS get me confused man, I really mean no insult.

  • At 4:24 am, Blogger SOLOMONSYDELLE said…

    Hey Dami, how now? Good luck with getting the school stuff done! By the way, give us tips on how to make coin on the Naija stock market. Come on now!

  • At 9:24 am, Blogger Idemili said…


  • At 8:18 pm, Blogger April said…

    Good luck with the graduate scheme applications.

  • At 10:17 pm, Blogger SOLOMONSYDELLE said…

    haba dami! you stopped by my blog not too long ago and disappeared again.

    Then you refuse to update your blog, so i keep coming by and getting disappointed. You this boy, behave ya self oh!

  • At 6:21 am, Blogger Lucy said…

    Hey, Dami!

    I was looking for your most recent post, and couldn't find one. What is up with that? You need to get on it blogger buddy.

    Feel free to stop by and let me know. I'm a standup comedienne blogging her way to stardom. Check ya later?

  • At 10:14 am, Blogger Ejura said…

    Hi Dami, thanks for stopping by.
    Bonne chance with yr school stuff.\
    Have a great day!

  • At 6:43 pm, Blogger Afrobabe said…

    Good luck with your graduate scheme placement,hope you get a good one..

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