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Friday, March 30, 2007

It better be worth it!!

So i am at that stage right now 3rd year of university (one year to go) and to be honest I'm losing it

On my way back from uni, I bumped into a friend- P from eastern Europe; we worked together in a large grocery store when i was in college. he worked full time i worked part-time
I got fired on my last day,kai, i was going to inform them about my uni plans as well feeling happy and all..

Supervisor: You've been warned several times about your lateness
D : But it's only five minutes

Supervisor: Yea, and it all adds up after 1 year
D : Erm Marvin, i was going to tell you I'm leaving today y'know
instead of sacking me why don't i just resign

Supervisor: Oh really? well see it like this we got you first! so sign here
D :(walking out..) Your papa! sign ko signature ni, jealousy go kill all of you
na, did i say you shouldn't go to school eh?

where was i? so P is smiling from ear to ear as they say, we talked about work and school. He was surprised I'm just going home (it was 7.45pm; i left home 7.45am); complained a bit(alot actually) about how I'm getting tired of the routine, he's teasing me about when i finish i will be wearing suit n tie ordering some people about-yea i wish!
He left the grocery store some months ago, now working with another guy as a kitchen fitter(lazy boy alert!) apparently he's earning £400-£600 a week cash in hand!! chei

He was going on about how he already built a 3-storey-hotel back home and he's getting married this summer...

I left him on the train promising to get in touch...on my way from the station, i bumped into T, a family friend from Nigeria.

T usually comes for holiday but after getting his diploma in Nigeria, he came here with a two year visiting visa with the hope of getting a part-time job for the meantime whilst they sort his university admission out back in naija.

To cut long tory.. T was getting comfy with the job, they offered him full-time position at a stationary warehouse(lazy boy alert!) he's earning £1,600 after tax! chei..he was planing on getting a student visa but the price knocked him back! all you international students out there i hail o!!

So I'm dragging myself up every morning, going out coming in....I'm wondering is this shizzle worth it, at the end of the day I'll probably be getting about the same thing as a full-time sales assistant

Anyway sha, Mr Brian, snelling, Mr smith..I'll sue Ur ass if i don't get a decent job and run off with the student loan!

TL2B too lazy to blog

My exams are starting in May, and im also thinking of getting this APM certificate, the first test is also in May, considering the location (just outside London)i t will be more convenient but my other exams i don't know the time table yet....what to do... what to do? the next test is in august

"failure is not only the punishment for laziness; there is also the success of others." - Jules Renard

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Saturday, March 17, 2007


why do bloggers put (loud)music on their blog that plays automatically. my speakers are always on and I'm usually bloNGtrotting at night....

I keep losing blogs i want to read....

why do they make those word verification thingy hard to read, abi na wetin sef

i still don't know how to make a blog roll,have to save everything on favorites

Whats with online application forms? Why are employers reluctant to accept CV and letters? it took me over 3months to make a bloody CV!!

This weather sef! is it summer is it winter. i tire o, i wanna see some nice legs/booty hmmm souf London hmmm

I need a placement!