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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Go Slow.....

So after all the demo about applying for loads of graduate training schemes/graduate positions when im in my final year, everything just died down they are sooooo many of them and the online application is just something else haba na weytin?? i had to go through three stages with one of them, some had one month deadline only!!! atleast i did three already; I'll look for the 'easy' ones abeg i have a project and plenty of courseworks to do!

Good thing is i have two lectures a week now starting 2pm so i can sleeeeeep till 12pm then zoom- what a wonderful life

How do I register for NYSC? i'm half heartedly looking to do this maybe for some months only, it'll look good on my CV yea right great Gap year plans more like- I can imagine Calabar, Jos, Abuja haaaaa plus i need the 'military training' to get rid of my mummys boy cheeks

Can you imagine...
I popped into the local pharmacy to get Anadin extra/paracetamol or any pain killer for my tooth, guess what- this small girl about the same age as me o said: how old are you? do you have a proof age? erm i just want paracetamol jo! cant you see me small bear-bear!! shio i called on the other woman,she knew but she just didnt want to go against her work-experience staff, arghhhhhhhhh just for paracetamol o anunobia! amadioha* shall strike you down i swear!! dan banza

Tooth fairy
The Dentist removed me tooth Ouch!!!

all these banks with their IPO na wetin! some of them withheld their book for two whole years still they are allowed on the nse, the insurance sector is the next big thing-wash out watch out

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