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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Smmer Summer Summertiiiiiiiiiime

So exam's over, well not yet one funny lecturer decided to fall sick now he is postponing the second paper;what a lazy bugger!

Big things gwanning....

Yar'adua won the elections; the process aint pretty but Yaradua/Goodluck had the best support across the country forget Lagos and some agpa states. I wonder who voted for Atiku i mean just because you vote for fashola dont mean you should vote for AC presidential candidate well sha ntooi

And i just dont know how Pat utomi will function with absolutely no party members in the senate or any seat at all hmm

Big things number 2

Make money on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, For lazy easy going people like moi! all you need is a little bit of calculations and understanding and voila you become a money doubler!! I wish i knew about this earlier i'd have been a millionaire in pounds sterling £££££ owo iya charlier. Just imagine if I'd put all my student loans into the stock market or mutual funds hoooolala.....
Daily pricelist

Bigger things...
The Nigerian Proclamation


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