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Friday, December 22, 2006

I Swear

One of those weird songs you like


Thursday, December 07, 2006

When PHCN Dont have power

This has also hampered routine repair works being carried out by PHCN on some equipment. For instance, a PHCN official in Lagos told THISDAY yesterday that, "we have not been able to return some transformers we carried away for repairs in some Lagos neighbourhoods because we have not had power for days in our workshop at Ijora" (a suburb of Lagos).

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Who got scammed

mama D: is the weather still cold outside
D: not really just a bit windy

Mama D: Guess how much i got this( pointing at a phone)
D:Na wa o, you are just buying phones for everyone in Nigeria

Mama D: nooo im using this one myself
D: hmm N73, i told you to stick with "pure water"or just pass me your upgrades; I'll sell them on eBay then we share the profit :-) i don't have time to teach you how to use a mobile phone...

Mama D: ole; so i cant buy good thing for myself....
D: how comes its not coming on...?

Mama D: the battery is flat i was told to get the new charger
D: are you sure; I'm sure someone sold it on the street

Mama D: nah on the train, he told me he found it
D:hmm so how much did you pay?

Mama D: 30 quid
D: rehh that's cheap!! I'm sure there is something wrong with this phone, it should at least come on for a bit then die off if the battery is flat

Mama D: i told you the battery is dead
D: look at the screen properly you'll notice the paper inside is reflecting and a bit bent

Mama D: hm you will see everything jealousy jealousy...just open it and check the back
D: Erm i cant, it looks real though; it must be one of those display models,they've removed the lock and voila

Mama D:hm Me? omo eko from Lagos, that's a lie- I'm going to take it to those "pakis".I'll tell him i found it
D: you are not really from Lagos

Mama D: look at you, you don't know anything, i was born there grew up there so what else
D: hmm you've just been scammed

Mama D: no way I'm going to those people that repair phone, please stop making me angry o
D: haaa look at you that wont to do business in Nigeria getting scammed, sorry for you o...
Apparently these tricks are becoming rampant so be careful oooo!